Radiant Holiday Windows
November 25th, 2017 by Dianna Troyer

To celebrate the Christmas season, Becky Schow paints decorative holiday designs on store windows throughout southeastern Idaho.

Using her secret blend of white paints, Becky Schow leaves a trail of radiant white Christmas window paintings throughout southeastern Idaho.

“People call me Mrs. Frosty,” says Becky. “I like white because when the sun shines through my designs, they’re illuminated and seem to glow.”

From her home in Rupert, Becky has been traveling throughout the region from November to mid-December for nearly three decades to paint distinctive holiday scenes on store windows.

“People think I use a stencil, but it’s all freehand,” she says.

She prefers to paint natural decorations such as pine boughs, aspen trees, pine cones, holly berries, garland, Christmas trees and wreaths.

Becky developed a water-soluble paint that withstands snow and rain, yet is still easy to clean up once the holidays end.

Demand for her artistry began when she painted windows at her husband’s auto parts and truck equipment and repair businesses.

“People saw the windows and asked me to paint theirs,” Becky says. “I’ve never advertised.”

She has never raised her prices, either.

“It’s not a business,” she says. “It’s an expression of a God-given talent that I share with others to brighten the holiday season. It makes me happy to make others happy.”