Mad About Dad
May 25th, 2018 by Brandon Pomrenke

We asked readers to share photos that show what fatherhood means to them. Here are the results.

Philomath, Oregon, residents Keith and Patti Wonderly visit the Oregon Coast about once a month. When their son, Dan, visits from New York City, he always requests at least a day at the coast. “There is a lot of history for us at the coast,” Dan says. “My dad taught me photography, so the coast is a pretty special place for me to photograph. Having Dad there is even better. We like to wander the beach as I stop to take pictures of kelp and abstract things that many would not consider a good photograph. Patti and Keith are always game to go watch the waves and marvel at the beauty of the Oregon Coast while I get my batteries recharged with some brooding Pacific pics.” Photo by Dan Wonderly


Boo Heisey caught her dad, Bob, eating homemade ice cream off the paddle in 1971.
Photo by Boo Heisey, Janesville, California


Matt Lofton and his daughter, Sophia, enjoy the snow above Detroit, Oregon.
Photo by Sharon Lofton, Monmouth, Oregon


Bob Hayes and his grandson, Dutch Fisher Hayes, enjoy a ride on Bud, the Polish Wonder Horse, in the Sawtooth Valley, Idaho.
Photo by Donna-Marie Hayes, Boise, Idaho
Photo by Boo Heisey


Ray Lantis sits with great-grandson Paulen Kaseberg.
Photo by Ruth Lantis, Mayville, Oregon


John Newton Hickox and two of his favorite women: daughter, Erin, and granddaughter, Emily. The picture was taken outside the Black Bear Restaurant in Beaverton, Oregon.
Photo courtesy of John Newton Hickox, Dufur, Oregon


It’s all fun and games, until it’s not. Colt Wettstein gets a painful reminder that his daughter, Elizabeth, is always on the move.
Photo by Jamie Chambers, Hebo, Oregon