Mom’s the Word
April 25th, 2018 by Brandon Pomrenke

We asked readers to share photos that show what motherhood means to them. Here are the results.

Anna Jarvis organized the first Mother’s Day celebrations in 1908—the same year she petitioned the U.S. Congress to make it an official holiday. Although Congress rejected the idea, the celebration became popular around the country. Anne succeeded in 1914, when Congress designated the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day. Woodrow Wilson signed the proclamation “as a public expression of love and reverence for the mothers of our country.”

No one understands the aches and pains, ups and downs, and worries and excitement of pregnancy better than mothers and moms-to-be. Having close friends and family with whom to share the experience makes the journey better. From left, Jamie Chambers, Alisa Boehler and Kristen Laymon shared many of those experiences. Photo courtesy of Jamie Chambers


Hobbies and helping one another are great ways for parents to bond with and teach their children. In this 1956 photo, Susie Clement Zimmerman helps her mother, Yvonne Clement, in the kitchen.
Photo courtesy of Susie Zimmerman


Family outings are an ideal way to create memories that can last a lifetime for moms and grandmas. Childhood seems to fly by these days, and many parents and grandparents try to make the most of that time. That’s just what Duncan Valley Electric members Chad and Janet Richardson did when they climbed Table Top Mountain in Cotton City, New Mexico, with their grandchildren, from left, Sidney, Gracie, Hobbs, Davis, Amaya, Jaci and Troy.
Photo courtesy of Janet Richardson


Lorene Guffey took this photo of her mother, Marge, on Mother‘s Day in 2017. Lorene’s brother sent Marge the flowers in the photo. She had a photo taken to send to her brother’s family in Montana so they could see what the flowers looked like. Marge died within a year of the picture.
Photo courtesy of Lorene Guffey


Eileen Loftus and her grandson, Ronan, were stationed at a checkpoint for the “Two Way Torture Test” in Fairbanks, Alaska. Ronan’s excitement level did not quite match that of his grandmother’s. Photo courtesy of Eileen Loftus