Simplify Your Routine With Innovative Tools
February 25th, 2017 by Victoria Hampton

Pop-up covers protect plants from weather extremes.
Photo courtesy of Gardener’s Supply Co.

Gardening is a wholesome task of manipulating the soil, planting favorite flowers and vegetables, and watching nature take its course—with plenty of nurturing in between.

While the process of gardening may be the same, the tools used continue to improve. Stay true to your love of weeding, watering and reaping, but make the process easier with these innovative tools.

Easily Protect Plants
Keep spring plants and vegetables safe from cold temperatures and wind with pop-up plant covers. The covers pop open and close for easy use and storage. Gardener’s Supply Co. says its product can help plants grow 25 percent faster, leading to an earlier harvest. | $13 to $20


The Ultimate Leaf Rake
Say goodbye to straight wooden hand holds and inflexible rakes, and hello to ergonomic, lightweight and flexible, specially designed tines. Fiskars’ 24-inch leaf rake makes sprucing up your yard a breeze, while getting optimal results with every swipe. | $20


Water When You are Gone
Take the stress out of watering your garden with a water timer. The Orbit Single-Dial Hose Faucet Timer has a large dial that allows you to easily program it for your watering needs. It is battery operated and weatherproof. Orbit also has models with multiple hose valves for large-scale watering. | $30


Keep Your Wheelbarrow Organized
Make one trip with the Little Burro wheelbarrow organizer. Multiple partitions and rack and shovel rests allow you to keep all your gardening tools organized and safe when rolling into your garden. Your keys, phone and sunglasses make the trip in a closeable compartment. | $60


Garden Know It All
The Edyn Garden Sensor lets you know what is going on with your garden at all times. The solar-powered garden sensor connects to your home’s Wi-Fi to send you data on your garden via the Edyn app. The sensor tracks garden light, moisture, humidity and nutrition. | $100


Compost Organic Matter Faster
If your compost pile is not producing fast enough, try a tumbling composter. The Yimby composter’s dual chamber allows for fast and efficient homemade compost. Turn the tumbler every few days to break up material and help speed up decomposition. | $90


A Better Shovel
Much like the handy rake, a shovel is an essential gardening tool. The Radius Pro-Lite Shovel has a round point, ergonomic handle and works in all soil types. Along with being sturdy, it comes in multiple colors such as green, purple and blue.
www.radiusgardencom | $31