Gadgets Galore
April 8th, 2019 by Chelsea Glanz

Smart and Secure Is Just the Start
Watch packages get delivered from work, monitor your pets, keep an eye on the baby crib at night and play back time-lapse videos in crystal-clear resolution from your smartphone with the rechargeable, wireless Wyze Cam 1080p HD.
The camera’s magnetic base includes an adhesive plate that makes it easy to mount. It can be stacked, rotated, twisted and turned in almost any direction to get just the right view. Barely bigger than a tennis ball, its modern design makes it a friendly, non-invasive addition that can be tucked anywhere indoors.
Wyze Cam works seamlessly with Alexa and responds to commands such as, “Alexa, show me the kids’ room” so you can keep an eye on any place you’re monitoring. It also includes smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alerts that are sent straight to your phone.
Wyze Cam has 30-foot night vision, includes motion and sound detection, and comes with a 6-foot charging cable. It includes cloud storage and is compatible with iOs 8.0 and Android 5.0.
Available on Amazon for $25.98.


Stay Safely Charged With Weego22
No power? No problem. Next time you’re road tripping and the battery dies, there’s no need to wait for roadside assistance or a passerby with cables. Weego22 comes to the rescue.

As a multipurpose jump starter, Weego22 can jumpstart 5-liter-plus gas engines and 2.5-liter-plus diesels in minutes. It has ATVs and motorcycles covered too.

Weego22’s inventors created it using safely designed Smarty Clamps that tell you if you’re not connecting it right. It will only do the jumpstart job if connected correctly, so you don’t have to worry about things igniting that aren’t supposed to. Weego22 has a built-in anti-spark feature, and overheat and power surge protection.

What if the car dies in the dark? Weego22 has a built-in LED flashlight with strobe and SOS modes to help you see clearly and flag down help in a risky situation.

The benefits don’t stop there. If you’re camping or working from your laptop while adventuring and your mobile device dies, you will likely need a more convenient way to charge devices than by burning car fuel. The Weego22 includes a USB port so you can charge your phone, laptop or tablet.

Available on Amazon for $72.44.


Perfect Your Garnishing Skills
If you are a culinary artist who relishes in entertaining the eyes and taste buds, this simple tool is likely to become an indispensable kitchen aid. The TRRUT Salad Cutter transforms carrots, melons, apples and more into gorgeous spirals and floral designs, providing the perfect accents for party platters, fruit salads and centerpieces. Place your fruit in the center of the cone, rotate the TRRUT clockwise like a pencil sharpener and watch the thin, floral-like slices emerge.

This little fruit-sculptor also multipurposes as a peeler and shredder, which makes it a functional, practical, artistic tool.

TRRUT’s fruit cutter is made with a rust-resistant stainless steel blade that is easy to clean.

Available on Amazon for $7.99


This Smart Clock Keeps You Cool
Don’t let this little gadget’s size fool you. This USB Mini Flexible Time Clock Fan boasts an LED real-time clock display and pumps out enough air to keep you cool at the office on a hot summer day.

Its compact size makes it convenient without taking up desk space—it plugs into a USB port. No additional batteries are needed. It will even plug into your laptop’s USB port, so if you’re blogging on the beach, you have a built-in, low-power-consumption cooler to fan you while you work.

The fan’s long, flexible neck is sturdy and bendable so the breeze can be conveniently directed. The fan blades are soft, eliminating the risk of unlucky encounters. If you’re looking for an easy, at-a-glance time display and you like quirky, cool gadgets, the Mini Flexible Time Clock is a fun addition.

Available on Amazon for $11.89


An Aptly Named Cooler
Whether you’re a social butterfly or prefer to lie low, partying just got a whole lot cooler for everyone with the Coolest Cooler on board.

The Coolest is made for rugged transport with its shock-proof material, durable wheels and slide-out carry handle. It has a built-in speaker and plug in that can stream up to eight hours of nonstop tunes.

These hard-shell coolers come with a choice of three lid designs: a rechargeable blender lid, an ice-crushing rechargeable blender lid and an 8.4-watt solar-powered lid to boost blender and speaker power. The solar top doubles as a bar table. This cooler also includes a built-in USB charger.

This all-in-one ice chest packs a magnetic bottle opener, corkscrew, four plastic picnic plates, a ceramic knife, a built-in safety case to store valuables while you splash in the surf, and a built-in bungee net for hauling gear. The Coolest reportedly keeps ice frozen for up to five days.

Available from and the starting at $249.99